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My dad was a plumber and I worked with him as a teenager.

That was at the time when sewer pipe joints were sealed with lead. There would always be scraps of lead left over and I would take them home.

I would melt the scraps and make "bullets" and various other objects from the molten lead.

Many years later I learned that the exposure to vapors and handling the lead gave me an accumulation of lead that contributed to an irregular heartbeat.

Using the little "magnets" of small particle zeolite helped me recover and have a normal heart rhythm.

Heavy metals are related to causing cancer and many other dysfunctions by interfering with enzyme activation, especially with the immune system.

Today many public water systems have elevated levels of lead. 5,300 water supplies were found to have excess lead.

Don't wait to have health problems before you take action. Prevention is the best cure.

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