Your Health Energy Monitor

The Simple Do It Yourself Test to Monitor Your Life Energy Reserve for Retirement.

This free report cover how anyone can get insight into how well you are balancing your internal needs with your life stressors.

  • The revealing of what you may be ignoring.
  • How your understanding of your situation may be harmful.
  • Free report gives all this & much more!

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For People Wanting a Healthy Second or Belly Brain

Simple changes done daily will improve all of your tomorrows.

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Living Life to the Fullest You Must Avoid-

Living Life to the Fullest You Must Avoid- "Having a mind ready to conquer the world and a body the can't get out of bed." Darren Hardy

Pinch Test

Your Belly (Second) Brain isn't everything, yet everything depends on your healthy Belly Brain.

People are Masters of Self-Denial.

Stress is part of your everyday life and it steals your quality of life. How? Remember your Belly Brain or Second Brain is the Center of Your Health Universe.

- Headaches- weekly or maybe daily from the impact on your belly brain- the toxins and nervous system.

- Low back, neck and shoulder pain from the drain on your belly brain that steals energy from your hip-flexor, shoulder and neck muscles causing weakness and low back dysfunction and neck tension.

- PMS from the impact on your belly brains control of your hormones balance. .

- Hot flashes and other post menopause symptoms such as weight gain- see the above.

- Digestive discomfort denies proper digestion and nourishment to your entire system.

- Brain fog and lack of clear thinking - related to the huge importance of your Belly Brain as the Center of Your Health Universe.

- Procrastination- are you so good at it you haven't even started yet?-see brain fog.

- Allergies- related to the digestive stress, poor breakdown of your food, breakdown of the lining of your intestines from inflammation and causing a "leaky gut."

- Mood swings- hormone imbalance and brain dysfunction from toxins absorbed when under stress.

Many of the effects of stress are so common you ignore or make excuses-- like many others have this problem, it must be normal.

Good News!

You can do a personal check (HAVE A FRIEND DO THE "PINCH" ON YOUR HAND) to see how you are doing.

A monitor on the Center of Your Health Universe.

--Are you relatively healthy and internally dealing in a normal fashion? You react to temporary dysfunction as an Alarm and may have pain.

--Has the stress cause adaptation- not handling the stress well and in an adaptation mode with chronic pain, fatigue, allergies and headache?

--Has the stress worn you down to the point of survival? You have reached exhaustion and your long term wellness will suffer without help?

Pinch Test is a proven method to reveal truths about your health that your doctor probably doesn't know. Learn what you can do to support your "Dr. Within"- the most powerful doctor you have constantly working for your health.

Stress weakens your immune system. Getting the "flu" during the holidays will only add to your stress. Stress messes with your hormone balance and moods.

Find out the meaning of your "Pinch Test". Discover what you can do to put a spark back in your life or avoid the flame of good health from going out. You can return to energetic pain free living.

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The Pinch Test can reveal unique factors about your body and the state of stress you are living under.

Over 35 years of clinical experience has revealed that a positive test means --You need to reduce the stress on your second brain. Everyone agrees that you need to "listen to your body".

The Pinch Test will speak to you. The explanation will help you understand. Avoid the ache all over misery of the "flu" or at least get over it fast.

The Pinch Test will lead you to saving $100s to $1000s of dollars a year and the priceless benefit of staying well.

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 "God forgives, your nervous system doesn't."

Enjoy Health Now and Tomorrow,

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen.