Gives You the Power to Stop Your Life Energy Drain and Understand the Center of Your Health Universe.

Explanation of Your Health Energy Monitor or Pinch Test

Video Explains Your Health Energy Monitor.

Text explanation is below.

Hot-flashes, mood swings, low back pain,  weight problems, PMS, post-menopausal dysfunction, and . . 

What do you do when you feel:

  • sluggish,
  • headache,
  • flu-like,
  • heartburn,
  • have a minor or major injury, or
  • just feel burnout from stress?
What if you knew how to get relief with simple changes in your behavior with food and time?
Now you can do this for yourself and your family.

Your Health Energy Monitor

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen, DIBAK, FASA

The Pinch Test or Health Energy Monitor for the Center of Your Health Universe

Pinch firmly in the muscular part of the hand between the thumb and index finger.  Best if this is done by someone else. See the video for a demonstration.

Most people will have tenderness. This will vary from noticeable to very tender. If there is no tenderness you are likely healthy and not battling anything currently or your health habits have exhausted your health potential.

Any tenderness is important. This often correlates with silent or hidden inflammation. However if you have frequent or chronic muscle and or joint soreness inflammation is a risk factor you need to recognize.

Yet you can recover.

The Pinch Test reveals how you are responding to physical and emotional stresses. Click to discover the 7 Steps For A Healthy Belly Brain , an eBook that gives you specific steps to build strength and health by controlling your stress.

This allows you to heal and protect your belly brain (second brain) and your health.  Belly Brain and Second Brain are the same.

It’s not your fault! Until now no one has revealed these steps to you.


The General Adaptation Syndrome gives us a way to compare our Pinch Test results to the health of our Second Brain.

The secrets from the ancient masters and biblical writings tell us of the importance of our Belly Brain (Second Brain.)

You must realize that your health is your greatest asset.

Once your health is lost or damaged, you will not fully recover if you ignore your Belly Brain. To look and feel attractive we must take care of our Belly Brain.   

ALARM                                 ADAPTATION                                                EXHAUSTION

Healthy---------------------> Declining Health and Energy---------------------Survival--------------*

Somewhat tender to acutely tender.      Acutely tender to little or no tenderness.     Dull pain to no pain.


Alarm Phase-Your Pinch Test is very tender to mildly tender. Your body is reacting to stress from your life style.Your Second Brain is being abused. You need to identify what habits you have that are stressing the Second Brain.You will want to know what you can do to preserve your health, attractiveness and potential.

Adaptation Phase-Your Pinch Test is tender to not tender at all. You know you have health issues and loss of health freedom that is not just aging. You have adapted to the struggle and need to change or slide into exhaustion.

Making changes to correct the deadly abuse revealed in the 7 Steps For A Healthy Belly Brain will help you recover a better quality health, appearance and energy. Your toxic body burden is reducing your potential and it is critical that your start reducing your toxicity to once again feel the energy you once had or would like to have.

Silent Inflammation** has started to burn up your freedom to live the life you dream of or once dreamed of having.The aging processes are accelerating!

Exhaustion Phase - Your body is in survival mode. Without out change you will continue to lose function of systems and your health will deteriorate.

Silent Inflammation** may takes years to be obvious yet it can be slowed and stopped at nearly any age.

Reducing your toxic body burden is critical.  (Published research verifies that we now can do this with an innovative breakthrough-safely and effectively.) The proper intake and use of fats is critical for your health. At this point it will take some time to recover yet most respond and some quite quickly.

The power of this has been ignored by the technology of healthcare. Of course the drug companies would not support such a priceless self-help system. Get Your 7 Steps for a Healthy Belly Brain eBook to boost your health and well-being.

  • I recently talked with an RN with painful arthritis and couldn't fold her hands -in the praying position- for 4 or 5 years.  She started the simple cleansing (a few drops per day***) and within 10-15 days she could fold her hands without pain. This shows the importance of reducing your toxic body burden. WOW what a change. During my 35+ years of clinical experience I have known this evaluation to be very accurate.

The quickest way you can boost the 7 Steps For a Healthy Belly Brain and speed your recovery is by discovering and using the acupressure points of the Second Brain Energy Formula. The results are priceless. I have used this simple and easy formula of points to:

  • Save a female athlete from a severe reaction to a wasp sting. We reversed the swelling of her breathing passages in minutes. She was struggling to breath and was breathing freely in minutes.
  • Saved a business presentation by a corporate executive that developed food poisoning. We were able to stop the sweating and nausea in 60 seconds.
  • To relieve 20 years of chronic low back pain in 3-4 days. He was able to sleep all night without waking from the pain.
  • To relieve chronic allergy to several household materials in a few weeks. She had a priceless return to normal daily activities.
  • To relieve an anxiety attack within minutes and allow a normal night's sleep.

And many, many more successes. This system was a major reason that patients had to wait 2 weeks or more to get an appointment see me. Life is too short to wait. Discover your Second Brain Energy Formula/Master Formula now. More information is at the link below. Click to Discover the Second Brain Energy Formula/Master Formula 

"God forgives, your nervous system does not."

For Your Total Health,

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen