Vaccines in Your Brain

Should any 11-12 year old girl be given a vaccine that gets into her brain with nerve poisons attached?

Gardasil or HPV vaccine can get into the brain. There is no reason any vaccine needs to be in the brain yet the ingredients make it very likely.

Very likely that the vaccines toxin ingredients- the adjuvants- will get into the cells throughout your body and can cause systemic inflammation.

Everyone must be informed before submitting to any vaccine. See the list of vaccines containing polysorbate-80 and Aluminum.

1. Polysorbate-80 is an emulsifier- helps break down fats. Fat is a critically important component in cell membranes and BBB.
2. Aluminum is a neuro-toxin or nerve poison also found in many vaccines.
3. Aluminum binds to polysorbate-80 and can be carrier across or through the Blood Brain Barrier.
Read the article. It would seem that there is a deliberate attempt to cause impairment to humans for what purpose????

From the article –

Is polysorbate-80 used in vaccines to purposely cause harm?

Dr. Palevsky writes, “One can question why polysorbate-80 is in the vaccines if it serves to potentially transport vaccine materials across the blood-brain-barrier. After all, what vaccine materials need to enter the brain? The obvious answer is, none. I’ve heard people ask if the polysorbate-80 is in the vaccines intentionally, used as part of a medical experiment on the human race, like we heard about during World War II. 4

Read this article- be informed.

Partial list of vaccines containing polysorbate-80:

Aventis Pasteur: Adacel-Polio, Pediacel, Quadracel, TD-Polio, Avaxim-Hepatitis A, Vivaxim-Typhoid & Heptitis A, BCG-tuberculosis

Pfizer: Prevnar 13(pneumococcal vaccine)

Merck: Gardasil(HPV vaccine), Rotateq (rotavirus vaccine)

Novartis: Influenza vaccines: Agriflu® & FLUAD, contains MF59C adjuvant,an oil-in-water emulsion composed of squalene as the oil phase, stabilised with the surfactants polysorbate 80 and sorbitan trioleate, in citrate buffer.” For people older than 65.

GlaxoSmithKline(GSK): Pandemrix (Europe), Arepanrix (Canada), H1N1 influenza pandemic vaccines, used widely during 2009/10 and linked to surge in narcolepsy in children who received the vaccine.

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