October 24

Are these toxins making you gain weight?



Which Toxins Add to Weight Gain?

can be devastating to your heart, brain and overall health. But did you
know there are certain types of toxins that can add to weight gain?


These particular toxins tip the
scales against you… slowing your metabolism, making you feel hungrier,
and increasing the production of fat cells. 


Scientists even have a name for these types of toxins… obesogens. 

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It’s hard enough to maintain a
healthy weight with diet and exercise. We don’t need obesogenic toxins
making it much more difficult.


The good news is that by reducing
exposure to these types of toxins, and detoxing your body, it can be
much easier to maintain a healthy weight.



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Live Young Longer,

Dr. Darrel

Do what is necessary to protect your greatest asset.


About the author 

Darrel Hestdalen

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