Helps your body fight cancer and balance blood sugars.*** see below

Watch the video now to introduce you to the End of the Antibiotic Era.

  • Rapid increase in antibiotic resistance since the mid 1990's
  • No new classifications of antibiotics since the 1980's
  • Your survival will depend on a strengthened immune system
  • Agaricus Blazei Murril is the most effect mushroom to boost your immune system.

Ekismate (ABM)

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Why use Atlas Agaricus Ekismate® for your wellness program? Our superior patented liquid method can extract up to 16 times more beta-glucans than general liquid extraction methods!

Patented extraction method and unique formula with Agaricus Blazei mushroom and Sasa Bamboo leaf extract make this product as a highly concentrated liquid extract formula Immune Support Product. About our unique extraction method (MSPC Extraction Method) ***

I.B. has been a Type II diabetic for 20 years. Using 4-5 drops per day of Agaricus Ekismate she has had total control of her diabetes for the last 6 years without any medication. She is currently using Agaricus Bio Wellness Powder Formula at one capsule per day, no medications and achieving morning blood sugars under 100.

She is also a breast cancer survivor and has been free of cancer for 20 years.