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7 Steps To Survive Viral Attacks

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The greatest problem is that people wait to act only after they are sick. 
Too often that is too late.

It is not your fault, unless you refuse to change.

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To empower the Center of Your Health Universe.

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The 7 Steps to Control Your Health Destiny gives you the knowledge to make it happen.

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Make simple easy to do changes in one of the 7 Secrets in each of  7 days or 7 weeks.

When you harmonizing your Second Brain you look and feel better.

Reduce your body's toxic burden.

The 7th Step is powerful in preventing many female and male hormonal and sexual related problems. Easy to do if you know what to do.

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The Power Is Within You to Save Thousands of Dollars in Medical Expenses.

This information has changed the lives of people with:

  • Allergies- deep restful sleep and living without a box of Kleenex in hand.
  •  Anxiety and Depression- not living in a knot  and having excitement for life.
  •  Stress-stop the crippling stress headache, the tight shoulders and stomach ace.
  •  Back pain- no stabbing pain in your back and living with freedom of bending and twisting without fear.
  •  Looking older than their age- Appreciate what you see in the mirror.
  •  Muscle and joint pain- freedom of daily activities without nagging pain.
  •  Digestive problems- no heartburn, gas and bloating.
  • Female and male problems that steal quality of life- stop the mood swings, regain urinary control and enjoy your sexual passions.
  • Seasonal Illness- How to Improve your survival chances- Get the 7 Secrets of Your Second Brain- ASAP.
  • Discover the Secrets of the Ancient Masters.

Life is too short to live without having these Secrets. You've heard- "What you don't know can hurt you." No, that's not right, it's "what you don't know will hurt you."

The secrets of the ancient masters and the biblical writings stress the importance of supporting and nourishing our Second Brain (Belly Brain) for our well-being.

Living according to the simple changes of the 7 Steps for Your Health and Longevity allows you to have the attractive appearance and the potential for the life you dream about.

In a few days or weeks you can have a new sense of well-being and a dynamic outlook for reaching your potential. If you are hesitant consider this: What is said doesn't matter as much as who says it. (Think about it – you want proven results, right?) If your image in your mirror isn’t what you want it’s time to pay attention to:

  • Over 35 years of success.
  • The successful results of thousands of people.
  • A doctor, his family and many patients that live it.

"The Second Brain isn't everything, yet everything depends on the Second Brain."

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  •  the cost of your deductible- that is money that stays in your pocket.
  •  avoid time in the waiting room with other "sick" people and waiting and waiting.  .
  • time for doing what is important- being with family or just quiet time for yourself.

This does not replace appropriate medical care yet it can help you avoid unnecessary office visits and speed your recovery when medical care is needed. Simple steps for you to do to make a life time difference. This has sold for $97.00. This will give you a return on your investment year after year.

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"5 years of stomach pain relieved in a few days of following the suggestion in secret 4."  M.A.

" My chronic low back pain would wake me very early every morning. The Second Brain Energy Points gave me relief even after shoveling snow." J.S.


Understanding how your energy flows. "What makes your body shake and bake." or The Ebb and Flow of Your Life Energy

This is a knowledge you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

Our lives have been greatly impacted by this simple and powerful knowledge. You will receive acupressure tips to help control your normal energy flow.

Also there will be exercise videos in follow up emails that will empower you to gain strength and flexibility. Also 4- 1 minute exercises to kick your fat burners. Yes only 4 minutes per day.

Each Chapter  you will receive:

  • Your Action Guide to make the simple changes happen and
  • Bonuses to help you gain Your Total Wellness
  • Chapter 1 Eating Under Stress
    • Secret, Eating when Stressed
    • How to recognize when you are under stress.
    • Affect of stress on your second brain.
    • How to reduce stress reactions quickly.
  • Chapter 2-the the Toxic Onslaught
    • Avoid being fooled by the silent danger of toxins.
    • Source of toxins-this can be scary. Denial will not change the results.
    • How to reduce your toxic body burden simply and easily.
    • Your life after toxic overload
  • Chapter 3- Bacteria and Fiber
    • How to survive and thrive with good bacteria.
    • How to have full value from your nutritional fiber.
    • Not all fiber is equal or avoid eating wood chips.
    • Make regularity simple--to think clearly.
    • Fiber to fat ratio food chart to simplify good choices
  • Chapter 4- Regular Meals
    • The primary difference between your upper brain and your second brain- the opposite needs for you to thrive.
    • How to keep your "power" turned on.
    • Why skipping meals is like being punched in the gut.
    • Acupressure points for allergies and bug bites
  • Chapter 5-Nourishing Foods
    • How to determine what food types are best for you.
    • Really bad foods that taste good.
    • Discover what habit can over work your second brain.
    • Why limiting your foods can be deadly
  • Chapter 6- Exercise
    • Why exercise helps your second brain support your upper brain.
    • How to secretly exercise while driving or in meetings.
    • What exercises are best for alertness and second brain functi
  • Chapter 7-the Mystery For Better reproductive health, and post-menopausal hot flashes and cellular health.
    • How you can have a habit that will give you years of wellness.
    • I had a waiting list practice for many years because I taught and treated with the knowledge of the ancient masters. Now you can use these secrets for your own well-being.
    • Get started today- It is the right thing to do. Your health is your greatest asse

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