Welcome to Dr. Darrel Hestdalen's Health Resource. 

Protecting your greatest asset, your health.


Welcome to my Health Information Center.

 I offer this as a resource for you to enjoy health now.

 This will be a source of information learned over 35 + years of clinical practice, teaching and constant study.

I have seen many actions that strengthen your health and many that are more hype than help.

Two Key Concepts:

Your Second (Belly) Brain isn't everything, however everything depends on it. Nearly all disease starts in the gut.

God forgives, your nervous system doesn't.

You can get an indication if you are abusing your Second or Belly Brain. Take the free test of Your Health Energy Monitor

Background Information.

I am a doctor of chiropractic with board certification in Applied Kinesiology which I refer to as functional neurology. Also I am board certified in acupuncture.

  • I have served on the sports medicine team for a professional baseball team for 12 years.
  • I have worked as a fitness coach.
  • I hold webinars to educate and market products I have developed.
  • I passionately help market  supplements of whole foods.

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3.5 key factors to live in the joyful light of good health.

1. Reduce and avoid toxins in food, air and water
2. Consume whole food nutrients designed to cross the cell membrane. This includes unadulterated oils to conduct oxygen into the cell.
3. Let the power of the Holy Spirit guide your day to handle the stress for your good health.
3.5. Ignore the multitude of fast food and junk processed food commercials you are exposed to daily.